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Glidden® Can Help

Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or you’ve been painting for years, if you have questions about your project, Glidden can help. Let our team take the guesswork out while helping you confidently create the look you desire.

Glidden powers, a team of bloggers from all walks of life to provide real world advice. The Colortopia team is all about making painting fun, easy and rewarding. Many of Glidden’s advice articles will come from this team as well as other Glidden sources.

How To Choose Great Wall Paint Colors
Move beyond standard with these great color and design-based ideas and suggestions. 
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Great Paint Colors for Ceilings
Don't forget that the ceiling can play a crucial (and creative) role in the color palette of your room. 
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Great Bathroom Makeovers: Before and After
In design circles, there is nothing more breath-taking than seeing the fruits of your (or someone else’s) labor develop right before your eyes.
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Don't Panic! How To Paint Your Bathroom In Peace
The bathroom can be an intimidating room to color, even when you're halfway done!
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The Perfect Gray Paint Color for Your Next Painting Project
Feeling intimidated by all of the beautiful shades of gray out there? Don't be scared by them, be inspired! Find the perfect hue of gray with some simple deliberation. 
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How to Take Chances on Paint Colors for Your DIY Projects
Sometimes the best piece of advice for choosing the perfect color is to just relax. It's only paint, after all. 
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The Only Neutral Paint Colors for Bedroom Projects You Need
Make a dramatic change in your bedroom without any extreme colors. Well-selected neutrals have all the impact and none of the shock. 
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How to Paint a Bedroom for a Makeover that Really Counts
Makeovers don't need to break the bank or send you to a department store. Start with your bedroom. 
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What Painting Supplies Do I Need?
Every great work of art started with the right tools. Make sure to equip yourself properly to have a successful painting experience. 
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How to Fix Your Painting Mistakes
No matter how good you are, or how well you prepared, things can go wrong. All is not lost!
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Stefanie Schiada
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